My name is Sean Gerrish! I am 10 years old and I love cats!

I have 3 cats. One is called Bessie, one is called Dream and the other is called Sapphire . Bessie is a blue cream British Shorthair and she is very fat, I don’t think it is actually her over eating, I think that it is actually the British Shorthair breed. Dream is not as fat, she is a black tipped British Shorthair and has a beautiful pattern on her. She is scared of almost everyone in my family. Sapphire is very small at the moment! We only got her recently. She is very affectionate and beautiful. She is a British Colourpoint.

I decided to make a website because my dad (Peter Gerrish) is a graphic designer and I saw him making a website so I thought I might make one myself. My dad has helped me a bit doing this website because he is obviously better then I am. You can see my dad’s website at:!

I have also spent some of my time making my own cat documentary here it is!

Contact me using this email address:!